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Austenland Foolishness and Folly

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Foolishness and Folly

Jane Austen was good at many things. Believable characters. Social critique. And hilarious comic relief. Shannon Hale has picked up the comic relief part, and runs with it in Austenland. As if the concept itself isn't ridiculous enough—a Jane Austen-themed resort where everyone pretends to live in Regency England—the women who go there are even more foolish. Miss Charming has the worst British accent since Madonna married Guy Ritchie and Jane Hayes changes her mind more times than Hamlet. We're surprised anyone at Austenland can keep a straight face.

Questions About Foolishness and Folly

  1. Is Jane's obsession with Mr. Darcy more foolish or charming? Why?
  2. How does Austenland encourage foolishness?
  3. Is romance possible for Jane without some sort of fun, foolishness, or folly?

Chew on This

The whole concept of Austenland is foolish, so it's no wonder the people it attracts are total goofballs.

Jane has always been a little foolish. Anyone that obsessed with anything has to be. So Austenland is great for her because it allows her to flaunt this side of herself, rather than simply being ashamed of it all the time.

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