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Austenland Tradition and Customs

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Tradition and Customs

Some traditions have remained long-standing throughout many years, like having dinner with family on holidays or putting milk in your cereal. Some, however, have faded away. Like wearing wool bathing suits to the beach, and not going outside without a bonnet. Thankfully, Austenland is here to revive some of the long-buried customs of the 19th century… and to remind us why they died out in the first place. It might be fun to wear a corset every once in a while, but it's only fun until someone's ribs get broken.

Questions About Tradition and Customs

  1. What are the customs from Austen's day that have to be observed in Austenland?
  2. What difficulties does Jane face in adapting to a lady's life of leisure?
  3. Would you stay at Austenland voluntarily if you knew you had to follow all of these rules? Why or why not?

Chew on This

While our social customs may have changed between Jane Austen's time and today, these customs still serve basically the same purpose: not making a fool of yourself in public.

Jane has an easier time learning the customs of Regency England than she would have in the actual 19th century, not just because it's all a game, but also because she's lucky enough to have a written guide.

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