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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Jesse's hanging out on the stoop with some of the Counts and someone named White Clara, who is talking about some kid who got a gun recently.
  • White Clara says that even if the kid were holding a cap gun, the cops would use it as an excuse to shoot him. Benny thinks it's fair if cops shoot people who look like they have guns.
  • White Clara notices a school bus coming down the street, which is weird since it's summer.
  • Oh no… It's a drive-by. People scatter but Jesse just closes his eyes and puts his hands over his head.
  • The bus stops when a cab pulls in front of it. The bus people shoot the cab driver and leave.
  • Benny's been shot, and now he has a hole in his hand. Jesse feels ill even looking at it.
  • Jesse walks over to the cab with Gun. The cab driver isn't doing very well.
  • Feeling depressed, Jesse heads home, wondering if the shooters were the Diablos, a gang he's heard about.
  • Two days later, there's another drive-by. This time the victims are the Diablos, so everyone wonders if it was a revenge shooting.
  • Sidney stops by to tell the kids it was a professional hit—not gang violence—and the crime was drug-related.
  • After Sidney leaves, Jesse tells C.J. about what Rise said about dealing cocaine. C.J. thinks Jesse needs more information and also notes that he should probably stop hanging out with Rise.
  • The phone rings, and (you guessed it) it's Rise. He wants to know if Jesse wants to meet some new people—some girls, to be more specific.
  • Jesse doesn't particularly want to meet anyone, but he goes anyway.

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