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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Jesse reads the latest headline: "Another Teen—Another Funeral." One of the Diablos who was involved in that drive-by has died.
  • Down at the stoop, Gun raises the possibility that the Diablos will take revenge.
  • The newspaper article quoted the Diablo guy's grandma as saying that he's looking down from heaven now. C.J. thinks dead is dead, though.
  • Oh—here's Calvin. He hadn't heard about the newspaper story, so he sits down to read it.
  • Jesse tells his friends that the shooting has left him feeling nervous; he doesn't like the feeling that they're involved in any way.
  • Jesse asks Calvin if he thinks Rise is getting in too deep. Calvin says they shouldn't talk in front of White Clara, though, who's also hanging out at the stoop, because she's a gossip. White Clara leaves in a huff.
  • C.J. says he sees the man, by which he means the police. Calvin makes a run for it, and so does Jesse.
  • One of the police officers, a white guy, catches up with Jesse—he wants to know why Jesse ran. Jesse says he was confused; he thought that C.J. was telling him there was a drive-by.
  • Another cop found Gun. When everyone reconvenes at the stoop, C.J. and Calvin are in handcuffs. Why?
  • Once the cops realize that the boys really did think it was a drive-by, they laugh and laugh because evidently this is hilarious to them.
  • Before they leave, one of the cops shares a special story about how he always gets free coffee when someone in their neighborhood is shot. These cops are the worst.
  • The cops hand the boys their cards, which the boys promptly trash. Jesse says he's focused on trying to look cool, but he's really scared inside. He really truly thought he was going to die a few minutes ago.
  • When Jesse gets home, no one else is there. He goes to lie down. Poor guy's feeling really stressed.

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