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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Jesse wakes up to his mom shaking him. Sidney's on the phone. It's just 5:30 in the afternoon.
  • Sidney apologizes for the incident with the white cops and offers to take Jesse to a baseball game.
  • Sidney also asks how Rise's book is going. Wait, how does Sidney know about that? Some guy uptown told him.
  • Jesse knows that Sidney is trying to send him a message: Rise is hanging out with bad people, and the police are aware of it.
  • Jesse's mom wants to know if he's going to go to the baseball game with Sidney; Jesse says no.
  • After dinner, Jesse's parents argue about the chores, and Jesse's mom cries.
  • Jesse thinks their fight wasn't really about the chores, though, and he wonders what the real reason is.
  • Guess what? Jesse's drawing again. Seems like art is something he turns to when he has questions about life.
  • He draws Rise for the billionth time. The picture is so good he thinks about taking it over to Rise's to show him, but he doesn't.
  • The next morning, Jesse starts over. He draws Rise with a really big head. When he finishes, he sticks it in a frame.
  • Here's Jesse's mom. She doesn't recognize Rise in the picture—instead she thinks it's a villain of some sort.
  • Jesse decides to skip breakfast so he can take his picture over to Rise's house.

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