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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Tania's on the phone with Jesse, confirming that she's his girlfriend now. She lays down the rules: He can't go out with anyone else.
  • Tania tells Jesse she loves him and he says it back. It's hilarious—you know, since this is the second time they've ever talked.
  • Later, as Jesse's getting dressed, C.J. calls.
  • C.J. wants Jesse to come to the church; he sounds upset.
  • As Jesse gets ready to go, he thinks about Tania. And sex.
  • When Jesse gets to church, C.J.'s sitting around with Elder Smitty and Little Man.
  • Little Man says C.J. is teaching him how to play piano. He demonstrates. Little Man cannot play the piano at all, though—he's just having a laugh. C.J. isn't laughing, though.
  • Little Man acts like he's going to fight Jesse, and then he leaves, flipping everyone off on his way out.
  • Elder Smitty is unimpressed with Little Man. He says Little Man is just trying to bring Jesse and C.J. down; Jesse thinks he's right.
  • C.J. starts playing "Amazing Grace" on the piano. Oh no—he's crying. Elder Smitty and Jesse tell him to let it out.
  • Walking home later, C.J. tells Jesse why he's so upset: Little Man called him a "faggot." Ugh, Little man is the worst.
  • Jesse tells C.J. not to worry about it; C.J. shouldn't stoop to Little Man's level, and Jesse knows that Little Man can't rise to C.J.'s level.
  • Jesse tells C.J. they need to stick together, but C.J. seems unsure. Jesse explains that they're both artists, though, so they're good influences on one another.

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