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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • It's Sunday and Jesse is still mad at his father; he doesn't go to church with his parents. He's still sulking, but he has to really work at it.
  • The phone rings and it's Sidney Rock, calling to let Jesse know that he's heard there's going to be a confrontation between the Counts and the Diablos.
  • Jesse puts on his shades and heads down to the stoop. White Clara's there, and he borrows her cell phone to call C.J. He's not home.
  • Jesse thinks about going to see a movie, but he doesn't have any cash, so he goes back up to his room.
  • The phone rings. Jesse's mom says it's Rise.
  • Rise tells Jesse there's going to be a meeting the next day at an antique shop—they're going to be talking to the Diablos about turf. This makes Jesse super nervous.
  • Jesse remembers what Sidney told him earlier that day and wonders if there's anything to it.

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