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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • Jesse's on his way to the big meeting, and he's so nervous he's about to be sick.
  • He's been to Earl's shop before. He likes Earl, whom he knows vaguely from church.
  • Earl sends Jesse to the back room, where the meeting is taking place. Jesse's surprised by how tidy the room is since the front of the shop is a messy pawnshop.
  • Rise is there, and so are C.J., Gun, and a girl that Jesse doesn't know. C.J. won't even make eye contact.
  • Rise introduces his girlfriend, whose name is… Oh no. Rise has totally forgotten his girlfriend's name. She tells him it's Junice.
  • Rise tells Junice that Jesse has been working on his autobiography.
  • Gun wants to know what the deal is: What's up with the Diablos?
  • Rise says he doesn't want to deal with the Diablos; he and the rest of the Counts should just stay as far away as possible.
  • Though Jesse thinks that staying away from the Diablos sounds like a great idea, he's not so sure about what Rise is saying—it just doesn't sound right.
  • Jesse starts to relax a little, though he knows that something isn't quite right about this whole situation.
  • Here's Earl, wanting to know how much longer this meeting is going to go on; he's hungry. Rise asks for two more minutes.
  • In wrapping up, Rise tells the guys that he's going to try to get them all cell phones. He says there's no point in waiting around any longer—the Diablos clearly aren't planning to show up.
  • On the walk home, Jesse tells C.J. that Rise seems sort of two-faced; C.J. says that everyone is a little bit two-faced.
  • C.J. stops for a sandwich. While he pays, the boys hear sirens; C.J. speculates maybe there was a stickup.
  • Further up the road, they encounter a ton of police cars and ambulances. A little girl on the scene tells them there was a shooting—she thinks at least one person is dead.
  • When Jesse gets home, he goes straight to bed.

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