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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • As he drifts off to sleep, Jesse thinks about Tania and C.J. He's woken up by his mother, and when she starts whispering, he realizes something is wrong.
  • She says Sidney is there and he wants to talk about that shooting—it's really serious.
  • Jesse tells his mother that he doesn't know anything about the shooting; they just happened to pass it when he was on his way home.
  • His mom is super upset and wonders if she needs to call a lawyer. Jesse tries to reassure her.
  • Here's Jesse's dad. He tells Jesse not to say anything to Sidney on the way to the police station—the lawyer will meet him there.
  • Now Jesse's mom is crying; she begs Jesse not to say anything to Sidney.
  • Jesse gets dressed and goes to meet Sidney. Sidney says he has to ride with him to the station.
  • Jesse's not too worried, though, since he knows he didn't do anything. He goes out to Sidney's car.
  • Before they leave, Sidney tries to arrange a ride for Jesse's parents, but they just get a cab.
  • In the car, Sidney tells Jesse there were two meetings: the one where Jesse was earlier, and another one. This is news to Jesse.
  • Jesse tells Sidney he's not sure about the second meeting. He knows he shouldn't say anything, but he can't help himself—he's curious about what's going on.
  • Sidney explains that he's not arresting Jesse but other officers suspect that Jesse was involved in setting up the people who were shot earlier. Sidney, however, doesn't think Jesse had anything to do with it.
  • Sidney tells him more about the meetings: The Diablos were sent to an address that wasn't Earl's shop. Two of them died and another guy is probably on his way out.
  • They arrive at the police station. Inside, they find C.J. and his mother—C.J. says that Gun, Rise, and Junice are somewhere else in the station.
  • Jesse's mom and dad arrive, and everyone sits down to wait… and wait.
  • Here's Joe Charles, the family lawyer. He says there's nothing to worry about just yet.
  • Mr. Charles explains that the police think Jesse and C.J. were being used as an alibi (for Rise, presumably); he also lets them know the third person died.
  • Jesse's mom starts crying—like loud, guttural crying—and Mr. Charles says he doesn't think anything is going to come of these accusations. He tells everyone they can go home.
  • Rise, however, is under suspicion. Mr. Charles thinks everyone should steer clear of him for a while.
  • Jesse and his family arrive back home at dawn. His mom wants them to pray together, and they do.

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