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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Back at home, Jesse's in his bedroom. His mom comes in to check on him and to let him know that she's feeling much better.
  • When she leaves, Jesse begins paging through his pad, looking at some of his drawings of Rise. For the hundredth time, he reflects on how he doesn't really know Rise anymore. Except this time it's not a question, it's more of a statement—in fact, it's almost as though Rise is dead.
  • Jesse tries to draw the "old" Rise, but he can't seem to make it happen.
  • The next day, the whole neighborhood is a-twitter about Jesse's trip to the police station. Sidney lets Jesse know that some of Rise's associates have been picked up and charged with murder. After a few days, no one's really talking about it anymore.
  • Eventually, Rise calls Jesse. They haven't spoken since the meeting—turns out Rise has been in jail.
  • Rise tells Jesse that he's moving. He needs to get out of town for a while; he doesn't like worrying so much about being shot, so he's heading to Florida.
  • Jesse thinks that some day, after Rise moves, he'll be able to piece together what happened to Rise.
  • Rise calls again to let him know he's leaving soon and asks if Jesse will come to wave him off. When they hang up, Jesse has an idea about the book.
  • Jesse goes down to the stoop; Benny and C.J. are already there. Jesse's nervous. His plan is to tell Rise that he—Rise—is the one who has to finish the book. Only he can do it.
  • A white limo pulls up and Rise emerges (in a ridiculous suit) and says hello. He points at Jesse. As Jesse's contemplating whether or not to go shake his hand, Little Man walks up and shoots Rise.
  • Jesse runs up to Rise, who's covered in blood. Rise is in a bad way, and he's scared—really scared.
  • Jesse's crying. He holds Rise close and they cry together.
  • And then Rise dies.

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