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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Jesse and C.J. are sitting around at church, and Jesse's telling C.J. about how different Rise seems lately.
  • Jesse notes that Rise has been wearing his hair in dreads, but C.J. seems unconvinced about the significance of this hair change.
  • C.J. says maybe Rise is acting differently because he's taking over the Counts, but Jesse's sure that's not what this is about.
  • C.J.'s mama brings him a plate of food and asks Jesse if he wants anything. Nah, he's good. The kids joke around with her a bit.
  • On his way home, Jesse thinks about how well he and C.J. get along—their friendship is easy, sort of like how his friendship with Rise used to be.
  • Lately, Jesse feels like Rise doesn't mean what he says; he speaks in riddles, sort of.
  • Jesse thinks about how he's cool with Sidney and knows Sidney just wants them all to stay out of jail.
  • Back at home, things are chaotic: Jesse's dad cut his foot but he doesn't want to go to the hospital.
  • Jesse checks out the foot. It's not too bad, but he thinks his father should get it checked out anyway.
  • Jesse heads up to his room to do some drawing. He makes a few sketches of Rise with his new dreads.
  • There's a knock on the door. It's Jesse's mom; they're headed to the hospital after all.
  • She tells Jesse she likes his drawing. Thing is, she doesn't recognize Rise, which is kind of weird since Rise is practically family.
  • Jesse compares all his Rise paraphernalia: old photos, old drawings, and the new drawings. Rise really does look different now.

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