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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • It's Saturday morning, high summer. Jesse's mom knocks on his door because Benny is on the phone.
  • Benny tells Jesse the bodega was firebombed the night before and he thinks two white cops are looking for Jesse.
  • Furthermore, a young black guy threatened the bodega owner with a gun. Boy, that bodega owner is having a terrible day.
  • Jesse's dad wants to know what's going on and whether he should call the family lawyer. Jesse tells him there's no need to, though, since he didn't do anything.
  • Now Jesse's mom is in on the conversation. She wants to know what's up, so Jesse tells his parents about Mason. His parents seem worried.
  • Jesse calls C.J.'s house, and when his mom answers, Jesse pitches the Cuban band idea.
  • Turns out C.J.'s mom has already heard about it; she asks to speak to Jesse's mom.
  • When Jesse's mom hangs up, she wants to talk about the bodega thing more. Jesse's like, if you think I did that, you don't even know me.
  • Jesse's dad is getting emotional—he wants to know what's going on in his son's life.
  • Jesse does some sketches and calls C.J., who comes over and says his mother is thinking about the Cuban band. He thinks that's a good sign.
  • The boys walk to the bodega. It's been burned to a crisp. Sidney asks Jesse and C.J. what they think about it.
  • Sidney wants to take Jesse and Rise over to see Mason in jail, and Jesse agrees even though he really doesn't want to.

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