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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Sidney calls Jesse's parents and lets them know the plan. On Monday night, Jesse and Rise head over to jail to visit Mason. It's raining out—always a good sign. (Kidding. Rain is pretty much almost ominous in books and movies and such.)
  • Rise is slurring his words—odd, right?—and he's also worried that someone will see him with a cop.
  • Sidney rolls up in an unmarked car and they drive to the jail. Well, it's not exactly jail. It's more like a meeting place. But anyway.
  • Before they head inside, Sidney explains that he wants them to tell Mason not to commit crimes. Which is confusing, given that Mason is already in jail.
  • Oh, Sidney's afraid that Mason is going to take this a step further and have the bodega owner killed. Yikes.
  • Sidney has the boys wait in a sort of living room while he goes to get Mason; as they do, Rise tells Jesse he was unimpressed with Sidney's little speech in the car. Rise really doesn't like Sidney.
  • Jesse is stressed by how Rise is acting about Sidney—it seems unfair given that Sidney's just trying to help Mason.
  • Jesse has a Deep Thought: Rise is performing for Jesse. But Jesse isn't finding his performance very believable.
  • And now here's Mason.

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