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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • Mason limps over to a chair and starts reading a magazine like Rise and Jesse aren't even there. Suddenly Jesse feels super nervous.
  • Opening remarks are pretty hostile. Mason wants to know why Jesse and Rise are there.
  • Jesse asks Mason if he had heard about the bodega fire, and Mason's all like, yeah, and you want to know if I ordered it.
  • Rise says Mason couldn't have ordered anything—someone probably did him a favor, that's all.
  • Jesse wants to know if Mason could just walk out of the place they're in. Jesse doesn't seem to have a firm grasp of how jail works.
  • Jesse is sort of freaking out, so he blurts out what Sidney wanted him to say: that Mason's going to end up in jail forever if someone kills the bodega owner.
  • Mason says they could already put him away forever if they wanted to. He sounds sort of defeated.
  • Mason wants to know why the Counts didn't help him with the bodega thing, and Rise says they don't do Mason's bidding.
  • Now things are getting pretty tense. Mason accuses Rise of thinking he's all that. They're standing now, and Mason's acting sort of threatening. Rise seems nervous.
  • In a creepy whisper, Mason tells Rise he has nothing to lose, and then he leaves the room without another word.
  • Jesse sits down to take a breath—he's still freaking out—and then finally, he and Rise get up to leave. On the way out, Jesse notices that Rise is a little shaky.
  • On the way home, Sidney offers to take the boys out for burgers. They say no.
  • After they drop off Rise, Sidney asks Jesse what he thinks about the whole Mason situation. Jesse thinks that Mason has changed a lot in the short time he's been in prison.
  • Jesse goes home and heads straight for bed. When Rise calls to brag to Jesse about how cool he is, Jesse's unimpressed.
  • As Jesse goes to sleep, he reflects on how he doesn't really understand what went down between Mason and Rise.

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