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Autobiography of My Dead Brother Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Jesse says he's pretty close with his parents, but even so, he doesn't know how to tell them about the whole Rise situation.
  • Instead he turns to his drawings to try to figure things out. He draws a comic with a character, Spodi Roti, who represents Jesse—it's about how Spodi Roti's mom can't relate to the hard stuff going on in Spodi's life.
  • Then he heads over to C.J.'s. It's time for the Cuban band's debut.
  • Benny's there with the band's uniforms (which consist of frilly green blouses) ready to go. Jesse's given a conga to play.
  • The band arrives at the birthday party. The house is super fancy, and Jesse's starting to worry about the fact that he has no experience playing the conga.
  • Benny introduces the band as the Caballeros. That's Spanish for "gentlemen," in case you were wondering.
  • The band is sounding a little wobbly until C.J. starts playing the piano. After that, everything's fine, and they easily play for a few hours.
  • On the way home, C.J. mentions how much he enjoyed playing the baby grand piano—the church piano is sort of lackluster.
  • C.J. talks about how his mom wants him to go to college but all C.J. really wants to do is make music.
  • Jesse observes that they're going to grow up to be just like their parents, but C.J. says he doesn't plan to have kids.
  • They walk the rest of the way home. C.J. seems sort of preoccupied, but Jesse's feeling great after their successful gig.

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