Study Guide

Babbitt Tough-o-Meter

By Harry Sinclair Lewis

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(5) Tree Line

There really isn't much in this book that should trip you up as a reader, apart from all of the 1920s slang that our protagonist George Babbitt likes to use. So zappy boom mollycoddle gee willikers—just pick up the book and get reading, and you'll be done in no time.

Yes, it might be tough to pay attention because sometimes the book doesn't seem like it has much of a plot. But that's kind of the point. We get some monotonous passages because Babbitt's life is, well, totally monotonous. Our (occasional, don't worry) boredom as a reader is just the tip of the ennui iceberg—Babbitt's ennui is large enough to sink half a dozen Titanics.

But we doubt you'll be bored much: Lewis' snarktastic humor is totally more than enough keep you going (and chuckling in a mean-spirited way).

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