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Babylon Revisited Part 2

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Part 2

  • Charlie takes his daughter Honoria out to lunch at Le Grand Vatel, "the only restaurant he could think of that was not reminiscent of champagne dinners and long luncheons that ended in a blurred and vague twilight" (2.1).
  • He tries to get his daughter to eat some vegetables.
  • She asks what they're going to do today. Charlie says that first they're going to the toy store, where he'll buy her anything she wants, and then to the Vaudeville.
  • Honoria objects to the toy store, because she knows that they don't have as much money as they used to. But Charlie insists.
  • Then Charlie plays a game with his daughter; he pretends that they are adult strangers out to lunch together. They two of them introduce themselves accordingly. Honoria, playing along, pretends that the doll she's holding is her child, named Simone.
  • Honoria talks about school, boasting that she is third in her class. When Charlie asks, she says that she likes her cousins, aunt, and uncle well enough.
  • She asks why she lives with them instead of Charlie. Charlie explains that it was hard for him to take care of her after her mother died.
  • Charlie and Honoria are interrupted by the arrival of two of Charlie's old party friends, Lorraine Quarrles and Duncan Schaeffer. Charlie feels their energy, but knows that he is in a different place in his life right now.
  • Duncan asks for Charlie's address, but Charlie doesn't want to reveal the name of his hotel (he doesn't want to have to go out with his old drinking buddies when he's trying to stay sober). So he says that he's not settled yet and promises Duncan that he'll call him.
  • Lorraine and Duncan try to tag along to the Vaudeville, but Charlie says he and Honoria will meet them there if they go.
  • At the Vaudeville show, Charlie realizes how quickly Honoria is growing up. He feels the need to know her, to put something of himself and his personality into her before she turns into an independent adult with her own personality.
  • In between acts, Duncan and Lorraine find Charlie in the lobby and get him and Honoria to sit at a table for a drink with them.
  • On the way home, Charlie talks with Honoria about her mother. He says he doesn't want her to forget her mother, as she loved Honoria very much.
  • Honoria then says that she wants to come live with her father. Charlie is overjoyed; he had been hoping she would say this. He drops her off at the Peters' and drives away in the taxi.

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