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The Bacchae Second Episode

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Second Episode

  • A Soldier shows up with the mysterious Stranger (Dionysus) in chains.
  • The Soldier tells Pentheus that the stranger didn't put up a fight at all when he captured him.
  • There's also some bad news, says the Soldier. All the ladies who were arrested escaped. Their shackles magically fell off and the prison doors flew open.
  • Pentheus comments on how beautiful Dionysus is, implying that he's too feminine.
  • The King asks Dionysus where he's from.
  • The god tells him that he's from a place called Lydia (a kingdom in modern day Turkey).
  • Dionysus (who's still disguised as a mortal) says that he's been sent to Thebes by the god Dionysus.
  • Pentheus asks if Thebes is the first place that the religion of Dionysus has been brought.
  • The god replies that he's spread it all over Asia.
  • The King says, that figures because Asians are stupid.
  • Pentheus tells Dionysus that he's going to shave his golden hair and put him in jail.
  • As Dionysus is taken off to the slammer, he tells the King that there will be vengeance for his actions.

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