Study Guide

Wesley Jefferson Lincoln (Link) in Beautiful Creatures

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Wesley Jefferson Lincoln (Link)

Link is like the—well, he's like the Link to Ethan's Princess Zelda. When Zelda—err, Ethan's in trouble, Link is there to bail him out.

The Beautiful Creatures Link isn't the strong silent type, though. He's more like the Super Mario Super Show version of Link who tosses out wisecracks and an occasional "Excuse me, princess." Wesley Jefferson Lincoln is much more loveable than cartoon Link, but he might cause just as much trouble for himself.

Gatlin Idol

Spunky Link has his own band named Who Shot Lincoln. There's no question mark there, so either he knows the answer or doesn't really care. This kid is sure that his song "Black Bandanna" is going to make him a rock star, but Ethan thinks it needs some work. Actually, Ethan thinks all his songs need work.

From the way Ethan describes it, Link has spirit but no talent, and we all know where that gets you: laughed out of the auditions of American Idol. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh—Link's spirit counts for quite a bit. And anyone who's ever heard Bob Dylan knows that you don't need to have a decent voice to be a star.

Once he meets Ridley, things escalate—now he really thinks his career is going to take off. Of course, Ridley is just leading him on, and once her plan is complete, she sends him straight to Dumpsville. She does promise to take his demo tapes to New York, and he has faith that she will, but we're not so sure.

Sometimes Link's optimism borders on delusional. After all, this is a guy who thinks one of his teachers is going to elope with him. But we'll admit, his happy-go-lucky attitude is refreshing, especially in a town where everyone, including Ethan at times, can be so stinkin' pessimistic. Link's joie de vivre bleeds over into all aspects of his life.


Everybody loves Link. He has a knack for being friends with the popular crowd, even when they hate Ethan, and Ethan and Lena, even when they want nothing to do with the popular crowd. Link displays both his allegiances when he wears the Guardian Angels T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off. The Angels are thrilled that Link is representing their cause, but the ripped sleeves show that he's just as much on Ethan's side. Clever move.

Nothing can come between Ethan and Link, not even the one thing that is known to destroy male friendships—a lady. Link has been Ethan's best friend ever since he gave him half a Twinkie on the school bus to kindergarten. At the time, Ethan didn't know that Twinkie half had been on the floor of the bus. But that bacteria-covered pastry has kept the two best buds for years. As Ethan says, "It would take a lot more than a girl, even a Siren, to come between us" (12.19.90). Link will most certainly be loaning Ethan the Beater for years to come.

Triforce of Courage

If we had to divide up the three pieces of the Triforce between Lena, Ethan, and Link, we'd give Power to Lena (we mean, come on, the girl could blow the roof off your house without breaking a sweat), Wisdom to Ethan (boy's read more books than we can count—and we've counted a lot of them), and Courage to Link, naturally.

Link is the first person who's drawn into the world of the Casters who didn't already know about it—and he doesn't even bat an eyelash: "Link nodded like he understood, which he didn't. But he went along with it anyway, just like old times" (2.11[4].75). Link even manages to keep his cool when Sarafine cleaves his mother in two. Don't worry, she gets put back together just fine.

Bottom line: if we were a damsel in distress, dude-style, we'd definitely want Link on our side.

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