Study Guide

Miscellaneous Gatliners in Beautiful Creatures

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Miscellaneous Gatliners

Here's a quick rundown of the townsfolk who populate the pages of the book, adding some local color to the non-magic side of Gatlin.

  • Carlton Eaton, the postmaster who reads everyone's letters, knows a little bit about the Caster world. Not only is he a good friend of Amma, but he also delivers mail to the Caster post office. Who knows what he reads in their mail?
  • Mrs. Ellery, who gave Ethan his first haircut, and Emily's mother, Eugenie, once tended to Ethan's wounds after he snagged himself on a fishing hook. They both show their true natures when they team up against Lena.
  • Speaking of hidden true natures, Mr. and Mrs. Ebitt have their dirty laundry aired by Macon at the Disciplinary Hearing.
  • The much-feared Gatlin County Truant Officer, Fatty (we have no idea if that's his given name or not), isn't really that scary. He lets Ethan and Lena off pretty easily when he thinks they're up to more than just kissing at the water tower.
  • Dean Wilks seems nice enough, but maybe he's just too busy to be mean. After all, he doubles as both feed-store owner and veterinarian.

At least not everyone in Gatlin is all bad. On the surface, it seems like a nice place to visit, but we sure wouldn't want to live there.

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