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Beautiful Creatures Lies and Deceit

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Lies and Deceit

Every house had its secrets, but everyone on the street knew them. Even that was no secret. (9.02[2].14)

Just because people know others' secrets doesn't mean they talk about them. In fact, Macon causes quite a kerfuffle when he publicly exposes the town's secrets in 12.16.

Every house in Gatlin was full of secrets, just like the South itself, and my house was no exception. (9.02[3].43)

We're not sure what secrets Ethan's house has, but that's just because he's pretty open with us. The whole town knows his mother died, and they probably figure that's why he's become reclusive. What do you think his secrets might be?

"Some things are private, Ethan." (9.02[3].44)

Ethan's parents kept secrets from him just as Lena's family kept secrets from her. For example, Ethan never knew that his mother was the Caster Librarian before Marian Ashcroft. Why do you think they never told him? Is this fair?

If there was one thing Amma was better at than reading cards or solving a crossword, it was keeping secrets. (9.12[3].53)

We guess when you communicate with the dead for a living, you probably don't go around sharing that at the grocery store.

"Why didn't my uncle tell me? Or my gramma? They said she was dead. Why would they lie to me?" (11.27.126)

Lena is understandably upset to discover that her mother is still alive. This is a pretty major lie, wouldn't you say? Fair or unfair?

"Are you listening to yourself? I need to know! I'm the one being hunted." (11.27.190)

Lena blows up (not literally, although a few windows and light bulbs aren't as lucky) at Macon for keeping secrets from her. Does he deserve her yelling?

"In my family, before your Claiming, you aren't really allowed to know anything. [...] In case you go Dark, I guess." (12.08.25)

Has Lena's family ever considered that the teens in the family might go Dark because they've been lied to for their entire lives? What do you think?

The remaining members of the tribunal looked scared to death, as if any minute now, Macon Ravenwood, or his dog, might start telling the whole town their dirty little secrets. (12.16.155)

No matter how small a town, people definitely don't like it when their dirty laundry gets aired, especially in a public forum.

If Mrs. Lincoln had put the fear of God into [the people of Gatlin], Macon Ravenwood had given people in Gatlin a reason to fear something even worse. The truth. (12.19.3)

We guess when you're that intent on keeping secrets, having them exposed is a fate worth than Hell.

"Of course. We have no secrets between us." (2.04.87)

What's the heading for this section again? Oh, that's right: Lies and Deceit. Here, Macon is lying to Ethan about deceiving Lena. Well, then. We wonder what kind of secrets Macon took to his grave.

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