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Beautiful Creatures Society and Class

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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Society and Class

That's the thing I hated most about Gatlin. The way everyone had something to say about everything you said or did or, in this case, wore. (9.02[2].61)

Gatlin: gossip capital of South Carolina. Is this unusual or do you think everyone's hometown is a rumor mill?

It was stupid that all the guys had to meet up before school on Wednesday mornings. (9.02[3].56)

Why is Ethan friends with these kids if he doesn't like the way they act? Seriously, we're asking.

Knowing my parents' sensibilities, my mom had probably been proud of Ethan Carter Wate. (9.12[3].153)

Ethan's mom was pretty rebellious, feeling sympathetic toward a Confederate deserter. Heck, she even named her son after the guy.

It wasn't like Amma to side with everyone else in town, considering that was usually the wrong side of things. (9.14.43)

People within a society fighting against each other. Hmmm. Sounds kind of like the Civil War to us. Is there a healthy level of internal disagreement in a town or should everyone always agree?

"It's not my fault that I have a penchant for good breeding, reasonable intelligence, and passable personal hygiene." (9.14.205)

Another zinger from Macon against the dirty, dumb, inbred residents of Gatlin. That's how he sees them anyway.

"It was one thing for me to make fun of Gatlin. It was different coming from Macon Ravenwood. It came from a different place." (9.14.219)

Whoa, where'd all this Gatlin pride come from, Ethan? Technically, Macon Ravenwood has been in town much, much longer than Ethan has, so which of them has more of a right to make fun of it?

"You're angry because you're afraid. You all are. Deep down, you're all the same." (9.15.29)

Aw, snap! Lena's calling out Ethan and the rest of Gatlin. Many people in this town avoid Lena, shun her, or worse, simply because they're afraid of her differences.

Jackson High was just a smaller version of Gatlin. (10.09[1].3)

According to Ethan, Jackson High is a microcosm of Gatlin. A microcosm is like a little snow-globe version of a larger thing (but since we're in the South, no snow). Gatlin itself might be a microcosm of the whole world, don't you think?

The folks that shunned Macon Ravenwood and his family had them to thank for the fact they even had a town at all. (12.06.47)

Sorry, everyone, we're pretty sure these folks would still talk about Macon behind his back even if they did know that his family was responsible for putting Gatlin on the map.

There was nothing, nothing, Gatlin loved better than a spectacle. (12.16.115)

Just like any other mill, the gossip mill needs a constant supply of fresh pickings to grind.

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