Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 10.10

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


Red Sweater

  • Ethan feels betrayed by Amma for keeping things from him. We hear you, dude.
  • Lena picks up Ethan for school wearing a red sweater, and she decides they should skip school and go make out at the water tower. Yowza!
  • They barely get started before Ethan notices Lena's new bracelet—the one Amma gave to Macon in the swamp.
  • Ethan tells Lena what he overhead; but even though Ethan is hurt and betrayed, Lena seems to shrug it off.
  • What are two teens to do now that their romantic moment has been ruined? Have a trippy Civil War flashback, of course. Ethan gets out the locket, but it doesn't work.
  • Could the bracelet be blocking its powers? Sure enough, that's the problem. Lena takes it off, and it works.
  • Here's what going on back in the Civil War:
  • Genevieve is kneeling over Ethan Carter's body. (Remember, we saw that he had been shot in the last vision.)
  • As she gets more and more upset, a storm tears apart the sky. Hmm, this sounds a lot like what happens when Lena gets upset. Except with hoop skirts and slavery.
  • Genevieve presses the cloth from her skirt to the bloody hole in Ethan Carter's chest to try to stop the blood flow.
  • It's working for now—Ethan Carter's not dead yet. He tells Genevieve that he loves her and would have married her if he wasn't, you know, dying on the ground.
  • Genevieve tries to summon her power to save Ethan Carter. "She had done it a million times before […], healing baby birds that had fallen from their nests" (10.10.111).
  • Ethan, our narrator, opens his eyes and snaps back to reality.

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