Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 10.13

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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Marian the Librarian

  • Ethan is staring at the door to his father's study. It's always locked.
  • Except for today! While Ethan is looking at the door, it unlocks.
  • Ethan decides to go inside and look through his mom's Civil War books to dig up some dirt on Genevieve.
  • Just as Ethan's about to go inside, Amma sees him. She shuts the door and locks it.
  • Foiled! Since he can't get into the study to scope out those books, he decides to go to the Gatlin County Library with Lena. His mom's best friend, Marian Ashcroft, is the librarian there.
  • Lena and Marian bond pretty quickly. At least not everyone in Gatlin hates Lena at first sight.
  • Marian invites Ethan and Lena to view her private archive. VIP access, folks.
  • Inside, they discover a photograph of the painting from Ravenwood Manor.
  • Lena and Ethan also learn about Lena's family tree—there are even handy diagrams in the book. Check 'em out. Seriously.
  • It seems that Marian knows quite a bit of info about Genevieve and Ethan Carter. She spills the beans to Ethan and Lena.
  • Curious to find out more, Ethan pulls the locket out of his pocket, and he and Lena sweep Marian away into another Civil War flashback. Here we go again…
  • Remember last time? Ethan Carter was shot and died before Genevieve's eyes.
  • Now, Genevieve is determined not to lose Ethan. She tells Ivy, the housekeeper, that she needs "the book" (10.13.157).
  • Genevieve is desperate for this book, but even Ivy doesn't think that's a wise decision.
  • Still, Ivy leads Genevieve to a crypt. Above the crypt door is a small stone with a crescent moon carved into it. Remind you of anything?
  • The crescent moon stone is a button that opens the crypt door. In the center of the crypt is a big wooden box adorned with—what else?—a crescent moon.
  • Ivy won't touch the book, but Genevieve dives right in.
  • The Book of Moons is made of old leather; it's warm, and it might even be breathing.
  • Genevieve flips through it until she finds the Cast she's looking for: "The Binding Spell. To Bind Death to Life" (10.13.185).
  • Now we learn that to use any of the Casts in The Book of Moons is to create a bargain: "You can't use The Book a Moons, without givin' somethin' in return" (10.13.189).
  • But Genevieve will try anything to save Ethan Carter's life. Anything.
  • Back in the present, Lena shrieks over the revelation that Genevieve went Dark.
  • Marian isn't as alarmed as you might expect a normal Mortal to be. Why? Well, here she reveals a lot of secrets about herself. If you can't wait to find out her story, get the scoop on her character page.

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