Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 11.01

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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The Writing on the Wall

  • Ethan wakes up in Lena's bedroom. This is starting to become a trend.
  • His cell phone alarm goes off—it's the Sixteen Moons song, but it's changed. It says something about "Bind the spheres" (11.01.6). What spheres? Hmmm, well moons are spherical. And so are eyes.
  • Lena reveals that their telepathic communication is called Kelting. You will ace the Caster SAT after all this.
  • Ethan talks about how much he likes Lena. She actually reciprocates, and it's very sweet and romantic. Cue "awww."
  • Moving away from "awww" and more toward "huh?" they talk about the ritual Lena's family performed the previous night: the Sanguinis Circle, the Circle of Blood. It's more about blood kin, not blood drinking or anything. No vampires in this Southern mystery.
  • Ethan believes Lena's going to go Light. His reasoning: why would Sarafine, a Dark Caster, be after Lena if she was going to be Dark?
  • When they kiss again, it's a little more intense. Ethan feels like his lungs are collapsing and… he passes out. Now that's a kiss. After he wakes up, he sees that Ryan is there. She's healed Ethan.

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