Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 12.01

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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It Rhymes with Witch

  • After Thanksgiving break, it's back to school for Ethan and Lena.
  • Link picks them up for school, and tells them that his mom's plan to rid Gatlin of Lena has been kicked into high gear.
  • When they get to school, they realize she's recruited a significant chunk of the student body to help her.
  • Uh oh.
  • Emily and others have formed the Jackson High Guardian Angels: "help[ing] keep our school safe by reportin' acts a violence or any unusual behavior" (12.01.22).
  • Ethan squeezes Lena's hand to comfort her. His hair stands on end. We guess touching Lena is like touching a plasma globe at the science museum.
  • Mrs. Lincoln tries to recruit Ethan into the Guardian Angels. He not-so-politely declines.
  • Suddenly, a gust of Lena-generated wind makes all the flyers the Angels passed out fly away.
  • Nice.

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