Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 12.07

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


Grave Digging

  • Time for a family trip to the graveyard!
  • Lena and Ethan tell Aunt Del and Reece that they're studying genealogy so they need to do a grave rubbing.
  • They find Genevieve's headstone. Oh, and Genevieve. Her ghost is standing near her grave. Grave digging sure goes a lot faster when your family members have special powers.
  • They all join hands so Aunt Del can take them on a trip through time. She's almost like a human version of Genevieve's locket.
  • Just like that, they can see everything that's happened in the physical place where they're standing:
  • (1) A young Genevieve chasing a young Ethan Carter
  • (2) Genevieve trying to bring him back to life
  • (3) Genevieve's funeral, complete with Ivy tossing The Book of Moons into the casket
  • He knew it!
  • When Ethan finally digs up the book, touching it singes the skin off his fingertips. Ouch.
  • After the whole thing's over, Lena uses a Caster trick to erase the whole event from Aunt Del's and Reece's minds.
  • She explains to Ethan, "I Shifted the Book out of their minds. […] In their reality, it never happened" (12.07.131).
  • Ethan feels weird about it, "like a line had been crossed" (12.07.132)—and he doesn't mean the Mason-Dixon line.
  • Then, when Ethan tries to return the locket to Genevieve, her ghost tells him that the locket doesn't belong to her.