Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 12.08

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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Waist Deep

  • Lena and Ethan start cutting school to study The Book of Moons. Not the most lighthearted hooky ever played, but hey.
  • To keep Uncle Macon from checking up on her, Lena practices viola. By practice, we mean she starts playing for about a second, then lets magic do all the work.
  • When she sets the viola down to work its magic, "Sixteen Moons" is the song it plays. But now its lyrics have changed again: "In these pages Darkness clears" (12.08.12). That sounds promising.
  • The Book of Moons is filled with hundreds of Casts in dozens of languages, some of which might even be written in blood. Okay, that's a book even Shmoop might be nervous about reading.
  • There is some discouraging information for Lena in the book.
  • At school the next day, Link, Lena, and Ethan talk about the winter formal.
  • Ethan asks Lena to go to the dance, and calls her his girlfriend in the process. Lena returns the favor by calling him her boyfriend. Ooh la la.

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