Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 12.13

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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  • Winter formal time!
  • The corsage Amma gives Ethan has a surprise: a small graveyard bone tucked inside. "A little protection never hurt anybody" (12.13.13).
  • Lena is decked out in a gorgeous black-and-silver ensemble. It's a little classier than Link's get-up: a t-shirt with a tuxedo design on it. Cute, Link.
  • Link has brought a date: Lena's persuasive cousin, Ridley, wearing the skimpiest dress a Jackson High formal has ever seen.
  • Ethan tries to convince Link that Ridley is bad news, but he won't listen.
  • At the formal, Ethan and Lena get their photograph taken and share a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, someone has decided to prank her. When the flash goes off, a bucket of wet soap flakes dumps onto Lena's head, ruining her hair and her dress.
  • Things get pretty tense for a while. Ethan even punches someone in the face. Yikes.
  • Lena and Ethan just want to leave, but Ridley decides to defend her cousin.
  • Chaos ensues: ripping dresses, blowing light fixtures, setting off the sprinklers, and shorting electric equipment. Ridley almost takes down the whole stage where the Ice Queen is being crowned.
  • Back at Ravenwood, Macon grounds Lena for not leaving as soon as she saw Ridley.
  • Lena, though, wants to know how exactly Macon even knew she was there.
  • Macon confesses that Boo Radley, the dog, is—wait for it—his spy. Macon can see through Boo's eyes. This sure gives new meaning to the term seeing-eye dog.

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