Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 2.11 (2)

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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2.11 (2)

Lollipop Girl

  • Ethan and Lena's perfect moment is ruined by some news. Link tells Ethan that his dad is up on the balcony of the Fallen Soldiers, a Civil War museum.
  • Oh, and he might jump.
  • But wait: the whole thing is a scheme by Ridley to get Ethan away from Lena so that she's vulnerable to an attack from Sarafine.
  • Ridley also reveals that Ethan's mom's car accident was anything but—although she didn't have anything to do with it. Could it have been Sarafine?
  • Before Ethan's dad can jump, Link whispers something unknown to Ridley, and she drops her lollipop, breaking the spell.
  • This is the last we see of Ridley. She says she's heading back to New York.
  • Whoa. What just happened?

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