Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 2.11 (3)

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

2.11 (3)

Family Reunion

  • After making sure his dad is safe, Ethan rushes back to the scene of the party to check on Lena.
  • In the meantime, Larkin and Lena have crossed the Safe Zone line into the area of the Civil War reenactment, which (why, we don't know) uses live ammunition.
  • Oh, and for some reason, Mrs. Lincoln is with them.
  • More strangeness: Ethan is unable to communicate telepathically with Lena. And Mrs. Lincoln calls her son by his nickname, Link, something she would never do. Ethan knows something is fishy.
  • Fishy, indeed.
  • At that point, some sort of force field envelops Ethan and Link (separately). And in a pretty exciting scene, Lena and Mrs. Lincoln have a magical duel.
  • Wait, it gets better.
  • Mrs. Lincoln splits open like a hot dog bun and Lena's mom, Sarafine, steps out.
  • Link's mom is Sarafine? Whoa.
  • Sides are chosen as Sarafine and the Dark Casters prepare to convince Lena to go Dark.
  • Macon arrives with Boo in tow. Boo looks very wolf-like tonight.
  • Sarafine brought her own backup: Hunting, Macon's brother. With a name like Hunting, are you surprised he's a scary bad guy?
  • There are all sorts of bombshells being dropped: some verbal, some literal. Sarafine drops another one: "Casters and Lilum cannot be with Mortals. […] At least not without killing them" (2.11[3].148).
  • That sure explains all the pain that Ethan goes through when he and Lena get hot and heavy. She could literally kill him.
  • Now Sarafine plays her trump card: she knows how Lena and Ethan can bypass that rule and be together.

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