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Beautiful Creatures 2.11 (4)

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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2.11 (4)

The Claiming

  • Ethan and Lena are reeling from Sarafine's revelation that they can never be together. This is worse than Romeo and Juliet.
  • Macon and Sarafine continue to play tug-of-war with Lena, her fate, and her feelings.
  • But sick of talking, Hunting, Macon's brother, attacks Macon. Fighting ensues: with Larkin's help, Hunting renders Macon and Boo unconscious; and Lena and Sarafine have a literal firefight, setting the field ablaze. This is getting intense.
  • Ethan runs with Link to Ravenwood to fetch Ryan. He hopes her healing powers can help Macon. (And honestly, we don't have any better ideas.)
  • After a detour through the Caster Library tunnels, Ethan and Link reach Ravenwood.
  • With the Light Casters in tow, Ethan travels back through the catacombs to Greenbrier.
  • Ethan discovers that The Book of Moons, which disappeared that morning, has found its way back to its resting place on the stone dais in the crypt.
  • Unfortunately, Ethan doesn't have time to wonder how the book ended up there. The surrounding field is on fire.
  • Lena has climbed to safety atop the crypt, but the fire is moving in fast. Lena says she's stuck.
  • Gulp.
  • Ethan climbs up to help her get down, but Sarafine is there waiting. Oh, and she can listen in on Ethan and Lena's telepathic thoughts.
  • Suddenly, Sarafine stabs Ethan, and he falls to the ground.
  • !
  • And just like that, the narrative shifts to Lena's point-of-view.
  • With Amma's help, Lena recites the resurrection spell from The Book of Moons.
  • Then a lot of confusing stuff happens. Here's the laundry list:
  • (1) At first Lena is afraid the Cast didn't work. Ethan's still lying motionless on the ground.
  • (2) Then the moon returns and Lena surges with heat and power.
  • (3) To vent her power, she vaporizes Hunting, Larkin, and Sarafine with lightning. At least she thinks she does.
  • (4) It starts to rain, clearing Lena's vision.
  • (5) Then she sees Macon lying where Ethan had been moments before.
  • (6) Amma explains to Lena that she can't ask anything from The Book of Moons without a trade. (Remember that one?)
  • (7) Uncle Macon is dead, which means that Ethan is still alive.

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