Study Guide

Beautiful Creatures 2.12

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


Silver Lining

  • We're back to Ethan's POV after Lena's little detour at the end of the previous chapter.
  • Ethan wasn't aware of everything that happened after he got stabbed, but he saw that Macon had died.
  • By using the Book, Lena has blocked herself from being Claimed. That means Sarafine, Hunting, and Larkin were able to escape.
  • Ethan and Lena fell asleep on the floor of her bedroom at Ravenwood.
  • When Ethan wakes up, Lena is gone. He discovers that her walls—previously covered in writing—are all blank, except for one sorrowful poem.
  • Ethan finds Lena crying in the crypt. She's remembering all the mean things she said to Macon before he died—she can never apologize for them or take them back.
  • Ethan promises that he will never let Lena go.
  • Now he notices that her eyes have changed—one is green, the other is gold.
  • Ethan reflects on everything that's happened over the last few months: "It's crazy what you see if you aren't really looking" (2.12.45).
  • When he turns on his iPod, he discovers a new song: "Seventeen Moons."
  • Looks like the story isn't over yet.

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