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Beautiful Creatures 9.02 (2)

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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9.02 (2)

New Girl

  • When they get to Stonewall Jackson High, the boys are late—that means detention.
  • Ethan has a quiz in first-period English on To Kill a Mockingbird. Apparently he didn't realize that he was supposed to read it over the summer. Oops! He says he read it two years ago, but forgot most of the details. Hey, it happens.
  • Oh, also, Ethan learns from Link that there's a new girl in school.
  • Lunchtime! Ethan sits with his fellow basketball players in the cafeteria. Shawn Bishop, the point guard, says the new girl is pretty hot.
  • Emily says the new girl is Old Man Ravenwood's niece. You don't even need to know who that is to imagine the dun-dun-dun sound effect ringing out over the cafeteria as she says it.
  • Ethan is disappointed: Macon Melchizedek Ravenwood is the town shut-in (maybe because no one can pronounce his name?). Ethan can't imagine dating any weirdo related to him.
  • Practicing free throws, Ethan sees the hearse drive away, Old Man Ravenwood's niece at the wheel. It immediately starts to rain.
  • "The bad omen wasn't just a hearse. It was a girl" (9.02[2].78).

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