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Beautiful Creatures 9.24

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The Last Three Rows

  • After their night of bonding, Ethan only wants to be around Lena. Aw.
  • The lovebirds hang out at Greenbrier. Ethan considers the lemon- and rosemary-scented garden their special place.
  • More aw. More bonding.
  • During the bonding, Lena shows Ethan more of her charms. The ones on her necklace, that is.
  • They decide to go out on an official date on Friday night and Ethan gets really (and cutely) nervous.
  • When he arrives, Lena's waiting at the Cineplex with tickets. She's irritated that Ethan is late. Not a great start to the first date.
  • The basketball team is there, too, but they're a lot less rude than the Stonewall Jackson girls.
  • Lena mixes up a gourmet treat of popcorn with salt and Milk Duds. We love that sweet and salty combination, like dipping French fries into a chocolate milkshake.
  • When Ethan holds Lena's hand, it's electric.
  • They sit in the back of theater to watch a horrible murder mystery. Even though they're in a dark, semi-private seclusion in the back three rows, Ethan is determined to behave himself.
  • Within ten minutes, Ethan figures out the movie murderer. "I could figure things out, right from the first move" (9.24.98), he boasts. Hmm, except Lena, it seems.
  • Lena reaches inside Ethan's pocket for more Milk Duds (well, that's forward!), but she touches the locket instead.
  • Time for another Civil War vision, folks!
  • Genevieve rushes back to Greenbrier, desperate to save her mother and her sister, Evangeline.
  • As she runs up the smoldering stairs, Union soldiers grab her and drag her down.
  • She feels something wet on her neck, probably blood from hitting her head on the stairs.
  • Bang. Bang. Gunshots ring out.
  • Once Genevieve is able to refocus, she sees Ethan Carter sprawled on the floor, covered with blood, "shot by the very soldiers he had refused to fight anymore" (9.24.120). Irony kills.
  • Ethan and Lena come out of the vision just as the credits are rolling on the film.
  • They're in shock—after all, they just watched a man die.

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