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Beautiful Creatures Society and Class

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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Society and Class

In some ways, Stonewall Jackson High is no different than the rest of the planet—it's full of societal pressures. Unfortunately, these boundaries don't stop after graduation. The cliques in Gatlin don't change—they just get older. Mrs. Lincoln and her Daughters of the American Revolution posse are just as conniving and backstabbing as their children, and Macon is even more of an outcast than Lena. Magic or not, this Beautiful Creatures town has some major healing to do.

Questions About Society and Class

  1. Many students shun Lena even before Sarafine/Mrs. Lincoln begins her campaign to expel her. Why are they so afraid of Lena?
  2. Would Mrs. Lincoln have behaved any differently if she weren't possessed by Sarafine?
  3. In what ways is Ethan the same as the narrow-minded residents of Gatlin?
  4. Everyone gets along at Lena's surprise party, but it's probably due to Ridley's influence. Will all the goodwill last?

Chew on This

Link manages to play both sides of the line, being friends with Ethan and Lena while maintaining his ties to the cheerleaders and basketball players.

Macon doesn't make any effort to assimilate into Gatlin society. It's his own fault he's an outcast.

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