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Agent Jones in Beauty Queens

By Libba Bray

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Agent Jones

Poor Agent Jones. Work keeps getting him down. He has to deal with Harris, the former CEO's son, pestering him all the time. He keeps filling out request forms, but he can't even get The Corporation to stock hazelnut coffee. It's a rough life.

Jones is pretty much the most lackluster villain ever. He isn't dumb: he's ex-military, and he's there to stage coups, kill people, things like that. But Bray focuses a lot of attention on the little things that go wrong for him, and many of them are corporate details. They're about forms and pension plans. Riveting. Mix his little annoyances with his lethal job description, and it's insta-comedy.

His sad sap-a-thon is probably why he's the only villain who survives. The characters take pity on him after he's disabled by his own hallucinogenic darts and bring him to their getaway yacht. For his sake, let's just hope it's stocked on hazelnut coffee.

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