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Beauty Queens Narrator Point of View

By Libba Bray

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Narrator Point of View

Third Person (Omniscient)

The narrator of this book has god-level mind-reading skills. The story slips in and out of the points of view of a huge cast of characters, often in a single chapter. Chapter Eight, for example, starts in Shanti's head and flits between her perspective, Nicole's, and Petra's, before ending with a section from the perspective of Agent Jones. If narrative techniques had legs, this one just ran a marathon.

Then there are segments that are from the point of view of an off-screen entity: The Corporation. That's where you'll find the occasional chapter that addresses the reader directly, encouraging you (the reader) to report subversive activity.

There are also footnotes that read like commercials, with irresistible marketing like, "Bipolar Bears, The Corporation's cuddly combination vitamin and mood-leveling drug marketed to tween and teen girls. Bipolar Bears banish bad moods and keep you beauty-queen perfect. Sold in a variety of signature bottles. Collect them all!" (F.18) Any business major would kill for a goldmine like that.

These ad-like gems give context to the world of the novel, plus add a creepy feeling that The Corporation, like Big Brother, is watching you, the reader.

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