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General MoMo ChaCha in Beauty Queens

By Libba Bray

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General MoMo ChaCha

If Ladybird is the extreme of evil, MoMo's the extreme of crazy. A dictator of a small country rich with natural resources, MoMo's is famous for being unpredictable and killing most of his advisors. The sections from his perspective are pure comedy, made even more funny by frequent references to a stuffed lemur he carries around with him and speaks for. Like we said, crazy.

Could MoMo be a reference to Kim Jong-il, the dictator of North Korea until his death in 2011?
We're not given a location for The Republic of ChaCha, but Harris does mistake it for Chinese (7.243), so it could be an Asian country. Though with Harris' smarts, that may not mean much at all.

Maybe as better proof than what Harris has to say, Kim Jong-il is known for human rights violations and love of American cinema. The MoMo character, for his part, is obsessed with Elvis Presley, and also the show about sexy pirates. Sounds like a parody to us.

Basically, MoMo is in the book for laughs, but he's also a reminder that there are still unstable people who hold a whole lot of power. And also hold stuffed lemurs. Creepy.

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