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Harris Buffington Ewell Davis III in Beauty Queens

By Libba Bray

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Harris Buffington Ewell Davis III

Harris, the college-age intern of the former CEO of The Corporation, is terrible and ineffective. He tries to get information from a corporate spy, but accidentally kills him too quickly. Come on, Harris. He accidentally tells the beauty queens The Corporation's whole plan to kill them. Doy. And then he has the nerve to accuse Tiara of being dumb. Now that's just going too far.

There are a few details to Harris that may be references to a young George W. Bush. He keeps using the word "underestimate" wrong, saying the famous "misunderestimate" instead. He goes to Yale, like Bush did, and the author digs at that, too, by having Petra say, "I could go to Yale, too, if my dad bought the way." (38.9) Burn.

Harris is an example of someone who has power just because of his money. It's really satisfying when a giant snake finally eats him. If only you could call out the cobras on all the arrogant, money-hungry folks who came your way.

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