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Ladybird Hope in Beauty Queens

By Libba Bray

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Ladybird Hope

Ladybird Hope is a beauty queen, turned corporate bigwig, turned presidential candidate from Texas. As you might guess from that description, her evilness is deadly.

For example: She sleeps with MoMo to get him to deal arms with The Corporation in its bid for more power. She decides to kill the teen beauty queens and frame MoMo for the crime (so much for their affair). She even puts detonators on MoMo's shoes and blows him up toward the end of the book. He was evil too, but wow. Can't get much more evil than Ladybird.

Like many evil villains, her downfall is giving the beauty queens a countdown clock and then leaving instead of watching them die. Villains—you'd think they'd know the countdown clock never works.

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