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Beauty Queens Chapter 10

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 10

  • All the girls eventually make it back to the beach. Jennifer introduces the group to Sosie and tells them what they found. She promises to try to get the radio running.
  • Taylor leads a meeting, passing a baton back and forth to each speaker. And she actually agrees with Adina that they need to get organize and figure out how to survive.
  • The contestants make plans for creating an irrigation system, building and decorating huts, and sewing fishing lines.
  • Shanti asks for the baton, saying she needs to tell everyone something. Nicole tries to divert her. No such luck.
  • Petra takes matters into her own hands and pulls off the Band-Aid herself, telling everyone she's transgender.
  • At first, Taylor thinks Petra should live separately. It's against the rules for them to fraternize with boys.
  • Mary Lou points out there are no rules against a transgender contestant. Adina, Nicole, and Jennifer say that if Petra's forced to leave, they'll leave too. That's what solidarity's all about.
  • Taylor introduces a vote that they all stay together, and the ayes win.
  • Shanti tries to apologize, and Petra responds that everyone lies about who they are. This hits Shanti pretty hard.
  • Scene change! This time, we get to see the dictator MoMo ChaCha himself. Geez, what a name.
  • He really is crazy. His room is plastered with photos of Ladybird Hope, and he has a cutout of her that he talks to. He and his Ladybird cutout watch a reality TV show about pirates called Captain Bodacious. Yeesh.
  • Another scene change. Benny, a scientist in The Corporation, is trying to let some other company know about the weaponized Lady 'Stache Off.
  • He is confronted by someone else with a gun, who turns out to be Harris.
  • Harris asks who his contact is, but the gun goes off and kills Benny before he can answer.
  • But it's not totally Harris' fault. Because next, we have the script for a commercial. For something related: Git R Done guns. The guns have had a recall because—you guessed it—they fire too early.

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