Study Guide

Beauty Queens Chapter 12

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 12

  • Sosie's trying to catch a bird. She thinks about how disabled people aren't allowed to be angry, because it messes with people's sympathy.
  • She used to know a girl named Fawnda who was angry about having cerebral palsy. She was sent to a special school.
  • Jennifer comes by and Sosie shows her a dance she made up about girl superheroes. When Sosie dances, she feels powerful.
  • Sosie tries to get Jennifer to dance with her, but Jennifer is self-conscious. So she pretends to be a robot, which makes them both laugh.
  • They fall on top of each other, laughing. Then they go quiet. Oooooh.
  • Sosie jumps up before anything can happen, and both girls start chasing the bird.

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