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Beauty Queens Chapter 13

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 13

  • The girls tell Petra they need her because Tiara is in a hut with a machete, having a meltdown. They think only Petra can talk to her.
  • Tiara is cutting her hair and even cuts herself once, on her arm. She tells Petra that she's been doing pageants since she was two weeks old, and the one time she protested, her mom told her that no one loves a bad girl. Thanks a lot, Mom.
  • Petra admires the flowers on the wall of the hut. Tiara says she's always wanted to be an interior decorator.
  • Petra cuts Tiara's hair into spikes and tells that her it's warrior princess hair. Sweet.
  • That night, the girls sit around the fire, roasting their food and talking. They chat about scary movies, and name about five movies where girls are tormented by killers. Uplifting.
  • They start listing things they miss, and then turn to things they don't miss. Including, ironically enough, things having to do with pageants, and never being allowed to get angry. They talk about how girls apologize too much and decide to ban the word sorry from their vocabulary.
  • They fantasize about having a Girl Con instead of Miss Teen Dream. They would lead workshops and have makeovers.
  • Adina thinks makeovers are degrading but everyone else reminds her there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Only so much progress at a time, Adina.
  • Taylor marches in, disappointed that they aren't focusing on Miss Teen Dream. But everyone else tells her they're past the pageant and want more. More!
  • Mary Lou loses her purity ring. Everyone looks for it, but it's gone.
  • The chapter ends with Mary Lou's questionnaire. She's scared of letting go, and her favorite show is Captain Bodacious, because she and her sister used to want to be pirates.

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