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Beauty Queens Chapter 14

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 14

  • Mary Lou has a sexy dream about the pirate show Captain Bodacious. She thinks it's because she lost her ring and that's letting loose all the desirey stuff.
  • She remembers having a similar feeling about the show when she was younger, and later, trying to have sex with her boyfriend until he was alarmed by her wildness and asked "What's wrong with you?" (14.10) She went crying to her mother, who bought her the purity ring.
  • Her sister Annie used to be similarly wild. Annie ran away with the circus and came back pregnant. Mary Lou thinks that's part of the curse.
  • Back to present-day Mary Lou. She's running through the island naked. Maybe there's something to that purity stuff after all.
  • Then she spots a guy sleeping. She tries to hide, but gets caught in a trap. Oops. Plus, it wakes him up. Double oops.
  • The guy cuts her down and she hides in a bush. He says his name is Tane and he's a university student trying to find a rare bird.
  • Mary Lou tells him she's a wild girl and unlike Billy, Tane just says, "Okay." (14.105)
  • Mary Lou tells him he's dreaming and kisses him. Aww?

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