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Beauty Queens Chapter 15

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 15

  • Mary Lou doesn't care about her ring anymore. She finds Tane the next day and tells him all about the crash on the island and her family history.
  • Tane tells her he's really an eco-warrior. The island used to belong to his people before The Corporation kicked them off their land. He's planning to go to the other side of the island to check out the volcano, and then leave, where he'll send help Mary Lou's way. Thanks, Tane.
  • Mary Lou and Tane do a lot of making out and "exploring," (15.23) but they don't have sex.
  • Meanwhile, Jennifer wakes up from a dream and decides to draw it in comics. In the dream, Jennifer and Sosie are superheroes, and Jennifer tells her she loves her.
  • Sosie grabs the comic from Jennifer and reads it. Jennifer tells her she's gay.
  • Sosie likes boys and girls, and doesn't feel like she should have to pick a side. But she does like Jennifer. So she kisses her. That's lucky.
  • After a while, Sosie runs out overwhelmed and lies in the sand. Jennifer joins her. They cuddle. Aww.
  • Aside from Taylor, who still practices her pageant routine, the girls are becoming freer—more themselves.
  • Mary Lou suggests to Adina that unlike the fighting boy characters in Lord of the Flies, girls need an island where no one is watching to find themselves.
  • In the next scene, The Corporation apologizes to readers for the active, empowered sexuality in the prior pages. It suggests silly alternate scenes in which Mary Lou is punished, or the girls all take off their tops, are bisexual, and sell corporation products. Thanks for dashing the dreams of agency and empowerment, Corporation.
  • This chapter ends with a questionnaire. It's Nicole's. Remember, Miss Colorado? Her motto is "You Gotta Go Along to Get Along" (15.97) and she's most afraid of her mother.

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