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Beauty Queens Chapter 17

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 17

  • Oh no, maybe it's okay after all. At the last minute, Nicole and Shanti find a root and pull themselves out.
  • They find a hot spring and bathe in it to wash the sand off. They share why they entered the pageant: Nicole because of her mother, Shanti to prove herself.
  • Shanti admits that she secretly wants to be a DJ, because it's not goal-oriented. That, and to start an ethnic beauty product line called Shanticeuticals. Slightly more goal-oriented.
  • They return to camp. Jennifer has finally fixed the radio. After fiddling with the stations, the Teen Dreams hear an interview with Ladybird Hope, saying she has called off the search for the beauty pageant contestants, and that they are victims of terrorism.
  • Taylor can't believe that they did everything right and they still gave up on them. She runs away, upset.
  • The final questionnaire is hers. Her mother left when she was six. Taylor considers her mother weak. Another one of her answers: "I am not weak. I don't need your pity." (17.100) Solid.

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