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Beauty Queens Chapter 2

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 2

  • The Lost Girls set out toward the jungle to search for survivors. We get a snapshot of the island: a beach with white sand, the jungle, mountains, and a volcano in the distance. It would be a nice vacation spot, if not for the whole plane crash thing.
  • The Lost Girls eventually stop at a clearing. There are totems there, which scare the girls.
  • A girl emerges from the jungle. She's black, and everyone mistakes her for an island native. It turns out she's Nicole, Miss Colorado. Hi, racism.
  • Nicole tries to convince the girls she's friendly, which reminds her of her childhood spent trying to seem non-threatening in an all-white neighborhood.
  • She makes Shanti nervous, because Shanti "hoped to have the ethnic thing all sewn up." (2.25) They share their talent portions: Shanti is doing traditional Indian dancing and Nicole is doing traditional Nigerian drumming. Apparently "traditional" is a winner. Anyway, Shanti's competitive drive ramps up.
  • The girls find a body of a flight attendant. Taylor makes them drag it into the fire so it won't attract predators.
  • Petra is worried because she only has seven days of medication in her overnight case, which she needs to find.
  • They don't find any other survivors. Or the medication.

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