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Beauty Queens Chapter 20

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 20

  • The girls find Taylor's hiding place two days later, but Taylor is still babbling nonsensically. That's a whole lot of hallucinogenic fruit.
  • They watch her adorn a busted-looking beauty queen sculpture with a sash that reads Miss Miss, and then they watch her kill a snake.
  • Adina calls a meeting, assuming the role of Team Captain. The girls agree that something isn't right on the island. They almost turn on each other, but Adina stops it.
  • Mary Lou tells them that she met a boy, but no one believes her. She tries to lead them to Tane's campsite, but there is no trace of it or him. So much for telling the truth.
  • A storm blows in, but the Teen Dreams are prepared this time. They hoist their supplies into the trees and run for higher ground.
  • Once they've climbed a mountain, they see a ship rolling in. With a pirate flag. Could this get any weirder?
  • The ship bangs into some rocks and starts filling with water. The girls run out and rescue the crew. Mary Lou realizes they're the cast of Captain Bodacious. Okay, so it got weirder.

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