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Beauty Queens Chapter 21

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 21

  • Captain Bodacious star Captain Sinjin explains that he and his castmates had drunkenly taken the boat out for a sail and it blew off course. He also starts asking the girls for food and water, which they jump to get him.
  • This really pisses Adina off. So much for female solidarity.
  • Adina goes to check on the fishing lines and meets a pirate she thinks is cute in spite of herself. His name is Duff. They like the same music. Uh-oh.
  • The girls and pirates drag the boat ashore and repair it over the next few days. They realize that they have to wait longer for the wood to dry before trying to escape.
  • Taylor briefly shows up at camp, but she's still crazy. She steals some supplies and runs away. Oh, Taylor.
  • Miss Ohio finds rum in the captain's room and the group takes it. Petra and Sinjin start flirting, but Petra's scared to tell him she's transgender.
  • Another pirate, Charlie, gets stung by a jellyfish. Nicole says someone needs to pee on the sting to neutralize it. The pirates fight over who has to do it, until Petra gets frustrated and does it.
  • Captain Sinjin's response? "Bodacious!" (21.299)
  • Back to another classified section. Agent Jones is dipping his darts in liquid Mind's Flower (yes, the hallucinogenic plant). This explains why Taylor has gotten so crazy.
  • Agent Jones decides not to tell his boss about the pirates. He heads toward a detention cell to question Tane.

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